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Pobierowo is famous for its clean beaches, pine forests and a characteristic microclimate. Extensive sandy beach is the resort’s major attraction, the venue for sunbathing and sea-bathing in the summer season, as well as walking in air permeated with salts, magnesium compounds and iodine – all year round.

Pobierowo is approximately 3 km long, situated in the western part of commune Rewal, which includes 7 different resorts: Pobierowo, Pustkowo, Trzęsacz, Rewal, Śliwin and Pogorzelica. The commune boasts outstanding tourism tradition, 2003 it was distinguished as the “best tourism Commune in terms of balanced development” in the Rzeczpospolita paper ranking.

The most buildings are constituted by small holiday houses loosely dispersed all over the forest. The E-9 European Long-distance Tourist Route runs through Pobierowo (the Atlantic – The North Sea – The Baltic Sea all the way up to Braniewo The Polish – Russian Border.)

In Pobierowo worth a visit are: the historic Hotel Seeblick, a rope park, a complex of sports fields (volleyball, football, basketball, gym, running track, skate park and tennis courts) or the Magic House which stands upside down.

The most interesting attractions near Pobierowo::

  • Lighthouse in Niechorze;
  • Mediaeval church ruins on the cliff shore in Trzęsacz – one of the Rewal commune symbols;
  • Near Pobierowo runs a narrow gauge railway track which was first used in 1896. The route runs from Gryfice via Rewal, Trzęsacz to Pogorzelica;
  • The Wolin National Park with living European bisons;
  • Horse riding facilities;
  • Duty free ferry cruise from Świnoujście;
  • Ship cruise over the Kamień Reservoir from Dziwnówek to Kamień Pomorski;
  • Pirate ship cruise to high sea;
  • Motorboat or sailboat rental;
  • Numerous summer events: The Viking Festival in Wolin, The Rewal Coast Days, The Polish Paragliding Championship, The Motorcycle Seaside Rally, and many other attractive periodic events.
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